Why LED tail lamps?

The light output of most incandescent lamps was adequate for earlier times when speeds were less and there were not so many distracted drivers with cell phones, text messaging, and other forms of distractions. Thus, it is important nowadays to be sure your classic car is seen, especially when braking or signaling a turn.

Happily, a solution is now available with the advent of LED lamps. These have been available for modern cars for quite a few years, but only recently has the classic car market been so served. They provide greater light output, yet demanding only a tiny fraction of the current load on the electrical system.

Brittrix has been designing and manufacturing LED lamp inserts for several years. Our initial product was the ST51 D lamp as used on the MG TA, TB, TC, and Y-type. More recently we have added inserts for the ST38 "Pork Pie" lamp as used on the MG PA, PB, NA, NB, and a large number of other British cars and trucks. Also available are inserts for the Lucas 288 (Number Plate Box) as found on the Triumph 1800 and 2000 Roadster, MG SA, WA, certain Jaguar, Morris, Allard, Daimler, Singer, and Wolseley, cars. Likewise, the L471, L549, L558, L647, L551, L691/692, and L813. Feel free to browse through all of our offerings as we cover most Classic Minis and MGs and may other British vehicles from 1931 and beyond.

The latest additions to the line are the insert for the Lucas L488 lamp as used on the late TD, TF, and MGA, and the Rotax 706 for the MG D and F types. 

All lamps are available in either negative or positive earth (ground) and most with either red or amber turn signals. All lamps are manufactured in the USA from US sourced parts.

How much brighter are the Brittrix boards?

We have run comparison tests using the L488 lamp (the smallest one we make) in front of a lux meter. We set each different bulb type behind the red L488 lens and measured the light output of each on their highest intensity (brake or turn signal). The following are our findings:

Standard 1157 incandescent bulb 159 lux
Typical LED bulb 92 lux
Brittrix L488 board 457 lux

Note that even though the 1157 bulb draws over 16 times as much current as the Brittrix board (1.75 Amps versus 100 Milliamps), the Brittrix board produces almost three times as much light.

Do I need to change my flasher?

 The answer depends upon what type of bulbs are used in the front turn signals. If normal incandescent bulbs are used, it is likely that you do not need to change to a different flasher. If, however, you have converted to LEDs in the front, you will almost certainly need to convert to an electronic flasher. The best advice is to convert your rear lamps to our LED inserts, then try the turn signals. If they come on but do not flash, then you will need to change the flasher. The LEDs draw so little current, the flasher simply doesn't sense their presence.

We have had good luck with the Tridon EL13 (not the ones made in Taiwan). Other fully electronic flashers, generally in a square can - not round, may also work fine, but the EL13 have generally given good success. These are able to be used in both positive and negative ground cars. A minor wiring change is necessary. There are three terminals on the flasher marked + - and L. Connect the L terminal to your car's turn signal feed (the same as your existing flasher). Also connect your dash panel turn signal indicator to this L terminal. Then connect a ground wire to whichever terminal corresponds to the polarity of your car's ground. The remaining terminal (+ or -) is connected to a convenient supply of power. That's it. You should now have fully functional turn signals.


What Lights are Correct for my Car?
Lighting sometimes varies. It is your responsibility to verify that these lamps are correct for your vehicle .
Do you have any corrections or additions? Please contact us at sales@brittrix.com
Make Model Year(s) Application Lamp
MG D   Rear Tail/Brake/License Rotax 706  
  F   Rear Tail/Brake/License Rotax 706  
  L1 early Rear Tail/Brake/License Rotax 706  
  PA 1934-35 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  PB 1935-36 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  NA 1934-35 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  NB 1935-36 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  SA   Tail/Brake/Turn/License 288  
  VA   Tail/Brake/Turn/License 288  
  WA   Tail/Brake/Turn/License 288  
  TA 1936-37 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  TA 1938-39 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  TB 1939 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  TC 1946-49 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  Y 1948-53 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  TD 1950-52 Tail/Brake/Turn L471  
  TD 1952-53 Tail/Brake/Turn L488  
  TF 1953-54 Tail/Brake/Turn L488  
  MGA 1500 1954-59 Tail/Brake/Turn L549  
      Front Turn/Marker L539  
  MGA 1600 1960-62 Tail/Brake L549  
      Rear Turn L594  
      Front Turn/Marker L632  
  MGA 1600 Mk II 1962 Tail/Brake/Turn L647  
      Front Turn/Marker L632  
  Magnette ZA/ZB Tail/Brake/Turn L551 sometimes with L691
    ZA/ZB Front Turn/Marker L551 White or Amber
Triumph Mayflower 1950-53 Tail/Brake L488  
  TR2 - TS1300 1953-54 Tail/Brake L549 or  
      Rear Turn L594  
      Front Turn/Marker L488  
  1800/2000 Roadster Tail/Brake/Turn/License 288  
  TR3   Tail/Brake L549  
      Front Turn/Marker L488  
  TR3A   Tail/Brake L549  
  TR3B to 1963 Rear Tail/Brake L549  
      Rear Turn L594  
      Front Turn/Marker L594  
  TR4 early Front Turn L594  
      Front Turn/Marker (early) L594  
      Front Turn/Marker L691 Amber
      Reverse L691 White
  TR250   Front Turn/Marker L691  
      Reverse L594 White
  TR6, 250   Front Turn L691  
  Spitfire  Mk I & II   Rear Tail/Brake L672  
  Spitfire  Mk I   Front Marker/Turn L594  
  Spitfire  Mk II   Front Marker/Turn L691  
  Spitfire  Mk III   Rear Turn L691  
  GT6   Rear Turn L692  
      Front Marker/Turn L672  
Allard  'J', '12' and 'J2X' 1949-55 Front Marker L488  
  P2 1952 Front Marker L488  
  16 h.p. (Export U.S.A.) 1947-49 Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake/License ST51 also turn
  16 Two Seater 1947-49 Number Plate Box 288  
  T, J2, J2X (Export U.S.A.) 1949-55 Front Turn/Marker L488  
  K, L (Export U.S.A.) 1951 Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake/License ST51 also turn
  K3 1954-55 Front Turn/Marker L488  
  M, P (ExportU.S.A.) 1949-51 Front Turn/Marker L488  
  P2 (Export U.S.A.)1952-54 Front Turn/Marker L488  
  1, 2. 21C and 21Z 1955 Front Turn/Marker L488  
Aston Martin DB Models 1951-59 Front Turn/Marker L488 (except
  DB3A 1958 Tail/Brake L549  DB3jS and 
  DB2 and DB2/4 1951-57 Tail/Brake L488 DB4)
  DB3/S Comp 2-seater  1956 Tail/Brake L488  
AH 100/4 100/6 100M   Rear Tail/Brake L488  
      Rear Turn L691  
  BN1-BN2   Rear Tail/Brake L488  
  Sprite 1958-61 Rear Tail/Brake L549  
      Rear Turn L594  
  3000 BJ8   Front Turn L594  
      Rear Turn (amber) L691  
Austin A40   Front Turn/Marker L551  
      Front Turn/Marker L539  
  A50   Front Turn/Marker L551  
  Cambridge   Front Turn/Marker L551  
  A55     L538  
  A60   Front Turn/Marker L632  
  A90   Front Turn/Marker L539  
  A95   Front Turn/Marker L539  
  A135   Front Turn/Marker L539  
  Mini Mk I   L647  
    Mk II and Mk III   L813  
  Pickup Early Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
    Late Tail/Brake/Turn B9020/LPB681  
  Seven 1959-60 Front Marker/Turn L594  
  Princess 1957-59 Front Turn L539  
    1955-60 Brake/Tail L551  
AC Ace, Aceca   Front Turn/Marker L539  
Alvis TC108G 1956-57 Front Turn/Marker L539  
  TG   Front Turn/Marker L539  
  108G Graber body Saloon Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  14 1946-50 Number Plate Box 288  
Bristol 405   Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Tail/Brake L551  
  406   Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Tail/Brake L551  
  X404 Arnolt Body Front Turn/Marker L488  
Daimler  Conquest (Coupe) 1958 Front Marker L488  
  Conquest (Century) 1956-57 Front Turn L488  
  Empress, Regency,    Front Turn L488  
  Sportsman, Regina   Front Turn L488  
  Majestic 1959-60 Front Turn/Marker L594  
  SP250 1960 Front Turn/Marker L594  
      Rear Turn L539  
  4.5 litre 1957-60 Front Turn L488  
      Brake/Turn L551  
  27 and 36   Number Plate Box 288  
Healey   1954-56 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    1957-60 Front Turn/Marker L594  
  Silverstone   Tail/Brake L488  
Hillman Minx 1947-48 Tail/Brake/License ST51 also turn
    1953-57 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    1958-59 Front Turn/Marker L594  
    1953-54, 1956 Tail/Brake L488  
  Husky 1955-57 Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake L488  
    1958-60 Front Turn/Marker L594  
Humber Super Snipe 1953-55 Front Marker L488  
    1959=60 Reversing L488  
    1953-57 Tail/Brake L488  
  Hawk 1946-48 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
    1949 Front Marker L489  
    1955-57 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    1958-60 Reversing L488  
Jaguar XK120   Tail/Brake L488  
  2-1/2 Liter   Tail/Brake L488  
  2.4 Liter   Tail/Brake L549  
  XK-SS Open 2-seater Tail/Brake L549  
   3-1/2 litre Mk. VII 1955-58 Tail/Brake L549  
  Mk. IX  1959 Tail/Brake L549  
  Mk. Vlll   Tail/Brake L549  
  XK140   Tail/Brake L549  
  XK150   Tail/Brake L549  
  1-1/2 litre  1946-47 License Box 288  
Jensen 3.5 litre  1946-47 License Box 288  
  Tempo 1500 1958-60 Front Marker L594  
      Tail/Brake L551  
  Interceptor 1954-55 Front Marker L488  
    1951-55 Tail/Brake L488  
  541 and 541R 1954-60 Front Turn L488  
    1954-55 Tail/Brake L488  
Jowett Javelin 1951-54 Front Turn/Marker L488  
Lagonda 3 litre (4 door) 1955-58 Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L549  
Lea Francis 14 and 18 4 Light Saloon 1951-54 Front Marker L488  
  14 Light Saloon 1951 Number Plate Box 288  
  14 1946-50 Number Plate Box 288  
  14 Estate Car 1953-54 Number Plate Box 288  
Morgan Plus 4 1954-59 Tail/Brake L549
Front Marker/Turn L594
Rear Turn L594
Plus Four Coupe Front Marker/Turn L488
Four Four  Front Marker/Turn L594
Rear Turn L594
Tail/Brake L488
Plus 8 Tail/Brake L672
Morris Minor NAS 1075912 Rear Turn L691  
    803-948cc Saloon & Tourer Rear Tail/Brake L471  
      Front Turn/Marker L632  
  Mini Moke   Front Turn/Marker L632  
  Mini Mk I   L647  
    Mk II and Mk III   L813  
  Pickup Early Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
    Late Tail/Brake/Turn B9020/LPB681  
  Oxford   Rear Tail/Brake L471  
  Traveller   Rear Tail/Brake L594  
Landrover   1948-50 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
    1954 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    Series 2 and 3 Rear Turn L594 or  
      Front Turn/Marker L692  
Rover P4   Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  10 1946-47 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  12 1946-47 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  14 1946-47 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  16 1946-47 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  60   Front Marker L488  
      Front Turn L539    
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  75   Front Marker L488  
  80   Front Marker L488  
      Front Turn L539  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  90   Front Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  100   Front Marker L488  
      Front Turn L539  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
  105   Front Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L558  
 Reliant Scimitar 1965-1990 Tail/Brake L692  
    All Models Front Turn/Marker L594  
Riley Pathfinder  1954-57 Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Reversing L488  
      Brake L488  
  1-1/4 litre 1946-55 Tail/Brake/License ST51 also turn
  1-1/4 litre  (later) 1955. Tail/Brake L549  
  2-1/2 litre 1947-53 Tail/Brake/License ST51 also turn
  2.6 1958 - 59 Front Turn L539  
Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith & Park Ward 1956-59 Reversing L539  
Singer Hunter 1954 56 Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Tail/Brake L549  
      Rear Turn L488  
  Gazelle 1958-60 Front Turn/Marker L594  
      Rear Turn L539  
  Nine Roadster 1951 Tail/Brake L488  
    1946 - 51 Tail/Brake/License ST51  
  Ten 1946-49 Tail/Brake/License ST51  
  Twelve 1947-49 Number Plate Box 288  
Sunbeam Alpine 1953-57 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    1959-60 Front Turn/Marker L594  
  Talbot 2 litre 1946-47 Tail/Brake/License ST51  
  Talbot 90 1953-54 Front Turn/Marker L488  
  Rapier 1956-60 Front Turn/Marker L539  
Vauxhall 10 and 12 1946-47 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST38  
  14 1946-48 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST39  
  Cresta 1955 Front Turn/Marker L488  
    1956-60 Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Reversing L488  
      Rear Turn L539  
  Wyvern 1950-55 Front Marker L488 and  turn
    1956-60 Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Reversing L488  
      Rear Turn L539  
  Velox 1950-55 Front Marker L488 and  turn
    1956-60 Front Turn/Marker L539  
      Reversing L488  
      Rear Turn L539  
Wolseley Six Eighty   Tail/Brake L471  
      Front Turn/Marker L488  
  Four Forty Four   Tail/Brake L488  
  Four Fifty   Front Turn/Marker L488  
      Tail/Brake L471  
  Six Ninety 1959-60 Front Turn/Marker L632  
      Tail/Brake/Turn L488  
  8 1946-48 Tail/Brake/Turn/License ST51  
  10 and 12 1946-47 Number Plate Box 288  
  14 and 18  1946-48 Number Plate Box 288  
  15/60 1960 Rear Turn L539  
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